Class elections officers results

Anthony Nassar, Opinions Editor

The results of who will be leading the entertaining fundraisers and raising enough money for their class have come in.

For the Class of 2024: Ayah Ifetiha won President, Ava Mauk won Vice President, Macie Swartz won Treasurer, and Caitlyn Podolka won Secretary. This cabinet was also under the same positions this year for the 2022-’23 school year.

“Not only did I learn so much about how it’s like to learn from others, form projects, and understand more about how to reach out to others, but I also learned so much about working in a group and relying and trusting that everyone does their part,” Ifetiha said.

The cabinet is interested in creating even more fundraisers next year like Peachfuzz or the donut sale but with a slight tweak in order to allow fun and engagement between everyone. 

“I don’t want to spoil too much of our plans, so I guess we all just have to wait and see what we’ll whip out of our pockets next year,” Ifetiha said.

For the Class of 2025: Shahd Amro won President, Ritika Varghese won Vice President, Emily Otersen won Treasurer, and Vaneesa Panchal won Secretary.

“I think my first year as president went really well,” Amro said. “My strength would definitely be being able to follow through with a plan we made, especially with the help of the people working with me.”

While no specific plans are yet in the making, the cabinet is interested in dabbling with restaurant funding next school year.

“This year was definitely a learning process which means I’ll be all the more experienced for next year,” Amro said.

For the Class of 2026: Maddox Schaffner won President, no spot was placed for Vice President, Cameron Lampley won Treasurer, and Ashan Zamir won Secretary.

“I decided to run for Class President because the position seems really fun and allows for me to do cool things for my class,” Schaffner said.

The cabinet plans to do monthly restaurant fundraisers next year.

These newly elected officials will take places alongside their cabinet for the next school year. Anyone interested in Class of 2026 Vice President can contact STUCO and freshman class adviserTami Blue.