Choir performs in first public concert since COVID pandemic

Alexander Passero, Staff Writer

In spite of the COVID pandemic, the choir has sung in its first public performance in two years, according to senior Leia Westphal said. 

The choir consists of five ensembles, all of which performed at the concert. There are two training choirs, the Men’s Chorus and Women’s Chorus, which mainly consist of freshmen and sophomores. “

After that, there is the A Capella Choir, which is the most advanced group, and mainly consists of juniors and seniors. “A cappella is our top group,” Mr. Davis said. 

The most prestigious choir is the Harmony Roadshow, which sings pop songs in an a capella style, and includes a beatboxer. “Harmony Roadshow is our most select ensemble, our 17-member vocal pop group,” Mr. Davis said. 

In addition to these four choirs, there is also the Northview Chorus, which rehearses during period 1. Each choir performed a variety of songs at the concert. A favorite song to both choralists and audience members was “Daniel Daniel,” with many brought to tears by the song. 

Another special piece to the choir was a song written by a choralist’s father. “A cappella choir did a piece that was actually composed by a parent of one of our students, Emma Foster’s dad, Kevin Foster,” Mr. Davis said. 

Yet another special song to the choir was “Who are the Brave,” which Mr. Davis sang at ground zero immediately after 9/11. “When I was in college, we dedicated it to the first responders of 9/11,” Mr. Davis said. 

Students have been drawn to choir for a plethora of reasons. Some come for the social aspect. “My favorite part has been the camaraderie with all the other boys in Men’s Chorus,” Holton said. 

Others stay focused on the music. “When we can talk about getting down to the notes and musicality, that’s really fun to me,” senior Isabella Olzak said. 

Students also have mixed aspirations for their choir career. “When I’m older, I want to be a choir director,” Olzak said. 

“I just want the younger kids to grow and have comfort in choir,” senior Grace Evelyn Miller said.