New Adventures to be held in South America

Taleen Boman, Staff Writer

Northview is hoping to give its students the opportunity to explore the world in their off time by coordinating a community service trip to Peru in the summer of 2023. 

Teachers Helena Darah and Ryan Creech came up with the opportunity for students to travel to Peru to explore the culture, art, and participate in community service projects. In June of 2023, students can spend 10 days in Peru, exploring the sights and cities the country has to offer. Along with doing some sightseeing, students will also get to build a greenhouse for a local community in Ollantaytambo, Peru. 

“I am so excited to see students witness a whole new world,” creator and coordinator of the trip Ms. Darah said. “Exploring a new country, especially a developing country, changes your life as you become humbled, immersed in a new culture, and find new appreciation for things you’ve taken for granted and above all, you make connections with people that last a lifetime.”

Peru, being an underdeveloped country, will give students a perspective that they might not have seen in Toledo or even in the United States. Ms. Darah hopes that this new experience will interest people and show them a new perspective on things. 

“You get to learn about other cultures and get to help other people around the world,” sophomore Shelby Gilbert said. 

To get more students involved, Ms. Darah hopes to get volunteers to sponsor students to attend the event. Unlike some trips in the past, including the trip to Greece or Japan, students will get hands-on experience assisting a community that needs their help. The community service aspect of this trip makes it much more unique, along with the destination. 

“I’m most excited to help build the greenhouse because it is a nice thing to do while also exploring the world,” sophomore Ian Clark said. 

If students want to learn more about this opportunity, there is a virtual meeting being offered on May 24 at 6 p.m.