Results of Class Elections


Anthony Nassar, Staff Writer

Class election results have officially been released for students and staff to see. An email was sent out stating the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for each grade level.

For the Class of 2023, Georgia Palko won President, Paige Kaminski won Vice President, Meg Allen won Treasurer, and Abby Clark won Secretary.

“I was the Vice President for my first two years at Northview and wanted to try to get a higher position,” Palko said. “I’m definitely planning to make a lot more money from Homecoming and fundraisers. I’m excited to finalize prom details and have the most successful year possible.”

For the Class of 2024, Ayah Ifetiha won President, Ava Mauk won Vice President, Macie Swartz won Treasurer, and Caitlyn Podolka won Secretary.

“I decided to run this year because our last few years of school were stunted because of Covid and last year we kind of started off with no idea that we even had a Student Government,” Ifetiha said. “We have some food fundraisers that we want to plan that could potentially follow along with some holidays. They would be fun for students to partake in.” 

For the Class of 2025, Shahd Amro won Class President, Ritika Varghese won Vice President, Paige LaBudda won Treasurer, and Kennedy Omey won Secretary.

“I really enjoyed being part of Class Government this year and wanted to be a part of it sophomore year,” Amro said. “I believe that by getting the opinions of students, our fundraisers and events will be even more successful.” 

The newly elected officials will take their places with their cabinet for next year’s school year.


Anthony Nassar