New vending machine; where does the money go?

Sarah Gross, Business Editor

Perhaps you’ve noticed the lines of students in the gym lobby and wondered what was happening. That may have been cleared up when Principal Mark Pugh announced the other week that the new vending machine would only be available after school. 

If you find yourself excited to find out there’s a vending machine, you’re not alone. This vending machine is located by the pool area, around the corner from the main gym. 

The vending machine is owned by an outside vendor, and former Southview graduate, Kelly Rowe. Mr. Rowe takes care of everything with the machine. On the other hand Sylvania Schools Director Of Business Operations Ray Holston oversees the items that Mr. Rowe puts in the machine as they must be snacks such as chips or bars for the students.

“We wanted to give students snack options for those that stay after school for activities,” Mr. Ray Holston said.

This is the first year that NV has had a vending machine in over a decade. The vending machine is a cheaper way for students to buy snacks.

Mr. Rowe gives Sylvania Schools a percentage of sales that goes to help offset the losses they incur in food service. 

The vending machine is a great opportunity for students that can not drive yet and need to eat a little snack before their after school activities such as basketball, wrestling, French Club, Art Club, etc.