A prom to remember at Glass City Center


Alexander Passero

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Alexander Passero, News Editor

The Senior Class wrapped up its year with a tropics-themed Prom held at the new Glass City Center. 

“We didn’t want to have it at the Pinnacle, but we knew that the Glass City Center was being built,” Senior Class President Georgia Palko said. Choosing the Glass City Center was a risk worth taking.

“It was being finished months before; we just didn’t know if it was going to be built in time for our Prom,” Palko said. 

Prom started with students eating with their groups across dozens of tables. “The food was pretty good, but that cheesecake, it was so good,” senior Kennedy Grohnke said. 

The setup for Prom included a dance floor and a stage with a DJ, with many people being able to choose songs and sing along, like senior Julia Schantz who enjoyed dancing on the stage. “I got behind the DJ stage and got the whole crowd going crazy,” Schantz said.

Another highlight of the night was that a few students went crowdsurfing, being lifted above the crowd, then being passed around between people.  “My favorite part was all the flicks that I got when I was on top,” senior Shamus O’Neill said. 

Overall, students enjoyed a night of dancing and food. “My favorite part was definitely just dancing and having fun,” Schantz said. 

An hour after the end of Prom, most people continued to After Prom, which was held at NV, rather than the Tam-O-Shanter, where it has been held in the past, with a multitude of games and activities. “We were playing blackjack and roulette at the casino, and I actually won a bedding cover,” O’Neill said. 

In addition to the casino, there were also inflatables and a tropical drink bar. “I liked the inflatables and the bubble tea,” Schantz said.

When After Prom finished, many students won prizes in a raffle from their gambling winnings. “I won permanent jewelry,” Grohnke said.

In all, Prom was a very expensive experience that took a lot of planning. “Prom, overall, is usually more than $20,000 for the venue, the food, and everything,” senior advisor Andrea Martin said. 

All that money comes from class fundraisers. “Our goal every year was $1,000, and we ended up mostly meeting our goal every single year,” Palko said.

To get involved in planning Prom, one can become a representative for the Class Government. “Anyone could sign up to be a rep; just talk to Mrs. Schloegl or Mrs. Martin,” senior advisor Amy Schloegl said.