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When is Best to Listen to Christmas Music?

Anthony Nassar

Earlier is Better

When to start listening to Christmas music can be a controversial topic for some people. Some believe it is to be listened to during the month of December only, while others believe it is an all year thing. “It’s too good to wait any longer ,” senior Hayden Reed said.

 Christmas music is listened to in order to bring joy and festive feelings to the listener. It’s the most wonderful time ALL year,” freshman Isabella Albers said. That is why you should start listening to Chirsmtas music earlier in the year, not just the month of December.

The earlier you start listening, the more build up you have to Christmas, the happier you are for longer I believe. “Christmas music just always puts me in a good mood and it never disappoints,” junior Catherine Rudski said.

Listening to Christmas music puts you in a Christmas mood and for most, it is their favorite time of the year. “Justin Bieber Mistletoe is too good to wait for,” senior Allison Dubeansky said.

Even though sometimes people think there are limits, it is always time for holiday fun. Christmas music is meant to bring joy and fun to get you thinking about presents and snow so if you believe that the perfect time to start getting in the Christmas mood is all year, go for it. 

“Christmas music makes people happy, if you don’t want to listen to it – don’t, but don’t bother people who do,” sophomore Scarlet Holton. 

All in all, Christmas music shouldn’t be limited to just one month a year, starting to listen to it earlier gives you more time to enjoy and build more excitement for the upcoming holiday season filled with presents, family and fun.


Later is Better

It’s just about that time of year: sleigh bells ringing, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, carols blaring through department store speakers, but what’s the right time to start listening to this holiday music? 

There are many different strongly-held opinions about this topic, with some naming Thanksgiving as the starting point, some opting for after Halloween, and others more radically choosing to listen to Christmas music all year round. 

“Christmas music deserves to be listened to always,” junior Kaylee Nevers said.

However, in my opinion, the best time to listen to Christmas music is at the start of December. This timeline gives you the most profitable listening experience, as you have enough time to enjoy the holiday tunes, but not too much so that it loses its magic against other holiday celebrations. 

“If it’s played any earlier [than December 1], it kills the vibe of the current holiday that month has,” junior Lily Haberkamp said.

Listening to music after Halloween is completely out of the question, as most of the time the weather is still relatively warm and snow is weeks away, ruining the Christmas mood. In addition, you still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, and listening to Christmas music before then might lead you to not be able to appreciate this holiday of giving as much as you could.

“You need to do the holidays in order,” senior Keegan Ort said. “Let Thanksgiving have 

its season.”

Holiday music after Thanksgiving is more reasonable, but the mere fact that you’re still in the month of November dampens the mood. Additionally, if you start listening too early, you might tire of your favorite songs by the time Christmas week rolls around. 

However, if you start listening as late as you can, namely in December, you’ll have the perfect amount of time to enjoy the music to its fullest potential while not over-listening to your favorite hits. 

In the end, the holiday season is yours to appreciate however you see fit, but if you’re on the fence about when you should start blasting Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and more, try waiting until December 1 to make the most of your Christmas spirit.

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