STEM tournament teaches problem solving & fun


Wil Boyer, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to get involved outside of Northview? Well, if you have a creative and innovative mind then maybe robotics through the STEM center is just for you. The First Robotics team was created in 2011, it was designed as an educational extracurricular for the kids of founder Tom Burnworth.  The first couple years they had so much success that they got a grant so that every elementary school could have a team.  Due to the kids being more spread out throughout Sylvania, doing a team for each school wasn’t as successful so that’s when they created the STEM center.

Through the STEM center they have a robotics program for all ages and for each team they do many different things from building for fun to building for competitions to compete with people throughout the state. 

One of the best parts of the robotics teams are the tournaments. Each tournament is different and just as fun as the last.  

“Tournaments are such a great atmosphere to be in. They are long days but everyone makes them so fun with goofy hats, dancing, and friendly competitions. Everyone is there for the same reason, to show off everything that they have done, see what others have done, and to see if they can move to the next competition,” sophomore Annelise said.

During a robotics match, two teams are on two different tables back to back to each other.  The operators are only able to set up and help run the robot, they then have 2 minutes 30 seconds to complete as many missions as possible.  These matches and tournaments are to teach students real life problem solving skills.  

“The best part of Sylvania STEM center is watching the kids get it. When you hear them say oh i get it now or I understand or when they’ve been working on a problem for a long time and you see that lightbulb go off. It’s the best,” Mr.Burnworth said. 

If you or your kids would want to get involved in something unique and out of the ordinary, and have an imaginative mind then you should try robotics at the Sylvania STEM center located 7335 W Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, OH 43560.