Lip sync battle determines the winner of Class Olympics

Rebekah Repp, Opinions Editor

To end with a bang, Class Olympics was held at the end of the seniors’ last official day of classes, with around 50 different events for students to enjoy. It started with an opening ceremony in the gym, including a few short, fun games to win grade level points. Then, students were released to their specific events for 50 minutes. At the end, everyone came back into the gym for the Lip Sync Finale and the announcement of the winner of the trophy. 

As it was the 10th Class Olympics, planning for the event was pretty smooth. “It’s pretty easy to repeat what we did last year. But I think Ms. Huey and I probably started, I don’t know, maybe a month in advance,” French teacher and Class Olympics organizer Kelsey Liske said. 

One thing that was different from previous years is the choice to fill out an opt-out form and leave early instead of participating in the Class Olympics. However, this was not originally meant to be available to students, and will not be kept for the next year. 

“It will be better next year when the opt out form is no longer available and kids have to come to school that day. That was a mistake… it was the form they had from COVID,” Madame Liske said. According to Madame Liske, about half of the students did not attend Class Olympics. 

One of the many events available was competitive bubble blowing. “I find it to be a very good way to exert my emotions,” freshman David Ellis said. “I think Northview should create a competitive bubble blowing team.”

The freshmen ended up winning and receiving the trophy, due in part to their success in the Lip Sync battle. “The freshmen and sophomore classes were really good, you could tell they rehearsed,” sophomore Henry Myers said.

“The freshmen were so good,” Madame Liske said. 

Afterward, just before the students could be let out, MC Choir teacher Jeremy Davis turned on ‘Party in the USA’ for students to sing and dance to, which was initiated by Myers. “I just yelled “sing”, [when Mr. Davis asked for something to do] thinking there was no way he could hear me,” Myers said.