Spanish student receives awards and honors

Natalie Pfahl, Features Editor

Senior Kirsten Hudson received the High School Honors Spanish award recognized by the The Association of Two Toledo’s High School Honors on April 27 for her achievement in the Spanish language and culture, the ceremony was held at the West Toledo branch library. She was nominated for the award by her Spanish teacher Alyssa Kuebeck for her outstanding achievements in Spanish.

“She is interested in traveling the world to Spanish speaking countries and pursuing further studies. She was also a good candidate overall because she excels in all elements and does very well in class,” Ms. Kuebeck said.

Hudson was the only student from NV to receive the award but there were one to two other students from surrounding schools that did receive it as well. “I’ve always had all A’s in Spanish and done well on all the tests. I also passed my seal of biliteracy test on my first try,” Hudson said. 

That was not the only award given out though, seniors Sophie Smithers, Suneha Shelke, Kirsten Hudson and AJ Michaelson received the Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. This is one of the possible seals that students can achieve to fulfill their graduation requirements but it is one that usually only a few seniors receive.

“These students received intermediate high or advanced low scores in reading, listening, speaking, and writing on the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages® (AAPPL test). These students took Spanish through at least Spanish 4 Honors, with a majority of them continuing on to Spanish 5 AP. It is possible we have additional students qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy once AP scores come out in July. In order to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy through the AP exam, they must score a minimum of a 4” Ms. Kuebeck said.

These students were also recognized at the senior assembly for their accomplishments in the Spanish language.