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Ohio State vs. Michigan, Thanksgiving Tradition

Addison Archambault
The Ohio State vs. Michigan State Game. Michigan won 30-24 against them for the third year in a row.

Michigan vs. Ohio State is one of the biggest college football rivalries today. The game happens every year around Thanksgiving. Families and friends gather around the TV or even around the field to celebrate the victory or loss of their favorite team.

“When I went home excited about the win some people in my family were annoyed,” junior Kayden Cuneo said.

Michigan and Ohio State have been playing against each other since 1897. This rivalry can get extremely intense. Especially in between families.

“I leave the fights up to Kayden and her brothers,” para Tammy Cuneo said.

Even though football is about good sportsmanship some fans get very upset. Last year, after Michigan won, Ohio State fans started yelling at Michigan fans to “get off their campus” and were yelling explicit words. This has made the rivalry even worse.

“I like Michigan throughout the whole season. Also it’s obvious which team is better when Michigan wins for the third year in a row,” Kayden Cuneo said.

Ohio State has won 52 games as Michigan has won 61 games. For the past three years Michigan has beat Ohio State. Ohio State’s last recorded win was in 2020 during the Covid outbreak. 

One of the most exciting parts of this game is seeing who gets to play in the Big 10 championship. This year, Michigan became the number one team and was able to play in the Big 10.

Michigan and Ohio State will hopefully continue this rivalry for centuries to come.

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