Juniors face off against seniors in PeachFuzz volleyball game

Anthony Nassar, Editorial Editor

The first annual Boys PeachFuzz volleyball game took place on December 7 where the juniors and seniors went head to head to win a trophy, along with bragging rights of winning the first ever game. PeachFuzz followed the same rules you would see at a typical volleyball game. Juniors won the first two sets, and even though the third set appeared to be going to the seniors, the juniors came back and were able to win, causing them to win the game entirely.

“It sounded like a lot of fun and I wanted to play with my friends,” junior Adam Krajicek said. “Our strengths were our communication and our ability to serve the ball really well.”

The junior student government came up with this idea after being inspired from Powerpuff, which is junior girls against senior girls playing football. “My cabinet and I wanted to have a PeachFuzz game because we figured it could be something that more people would respond to than just a food sale,” Junior Class President Ayah Ifetiha said. “At Northview, we talk about inclusivity and enjoying each other’s company all the time, and when it comes to fundraisers it’s the perfect time to try and have fun with our peers.”

Although the seniors did not win the game, they had a great time playing and put on a strong game against the juniors.

“We had good energy and spirit, but most of us were not that skilled,” senior Logan Cole said. “I enjoyed getting to be out there and trying out a sport I haven’t really ever played.”

The Junior Class Government raised a total of around 900 dollars which can increase the money available for their senior year prom. PeachFuzz will continue to be an annual game held every year and the first year was a success for all, especially the juniors.