Wrestling with New Challenges


Abby Clark, Photo Editor

Northview Wrestling has been working hard to ensure a good, but possibly limited, season. 

Due to the construction, the team is not currently permitted to practice at Northview itself. Due to this, they have been practicing at Sylvan Elementary School. 

“Another drawback of this season is the fact that we have to practice at Sylvan instead of Northview, along with needing to work harder, and focus on not worrying about what we personally don’t have control of,” senior Andrew Liber said.

Even with the changes, the wrestling team has been very constant with their placing, doing well in the majority of their meets. Northview has quite a history in wrestling, and the athletes are keen on breaking some records this year. 

“The season is going really well, and we have a bunch of freshmen coming out which is looking very good for our meets,” Liber said.

Due to Luas County Health Department guidelines, the wrestling season has come to a pause. “We are unsure about when our next meet is, but I’m sure our team will do great and give it our all,” Liber said. To get updates on when sports resume, keep an eye out on the Northview website.