Cheerleading, But a Different Way


Maggie Schmitt, Staff Writer

Just like many of the sports currently going on right now, the upcoming Cheer season is going to look a little bit different for the cheerleaders. In past years, the Cheerleading team was able to practice with no problem. Now they can’t.

Many of the cheerleaders have been doing cheer for countless years. “I’ve been cheering since I was around six or seven when I did [recreational] cheer for Northview,” sophomore Emily Smothers said. Even though they have been cheering for so long, this style of practicing is very new to them, like the many other sports teams at Northview.

In order to comply with the current Covid-19 regulations, the cheerleaders are required to wear masks at all times during practices. Social distancing is in place except for when the girls are stunting, thus limiting exposure to one another. 

“We now have optional zoom calls,” sophomore Summer Oliver said. If anyone is quarantined at home or feels uneasy being at practices, they can log into the call and still practice with the team. 

The Cheer team is unsure of what this season is going to look like. Competitions are limited and performances at basketball games are not set.  Even with these confusing times, everyone is keeping their hopes high and practicing harder than ever.