The Wonders of Camping vs. A Hotel Stay

Elizabeth Whiteaker, Staff Writer

Summertime isn’t the only ideal time of year to go on a vacation, fall can be a great time to get away with friends and family too. Places like Paris, the Caribbean, California, or the beach makes taking breaks from reality happen. While some like the great outdoors, others prefer the more indoor experience. Camping and hotels can both be great and the worst experiences of the whole trip. 


Camping is a wonderful way to bond. Putting down your phone and taking a fresh breath of air makes the whole vacation relaxing. It’s easier to sit around a campfire and get to know your campmates rather than sit in a hotel room. Where most guests are always busy planning for tomorrow and becoming overwhelmed with the activities held in the hotel. Families are all connected by riding bikes, playing outdoor games, swimming, or hanging with acquaintances. There are always some cool trails to take around campsites. Dogs and other animals are welcome too. Camping is a whole other experience for both your mental and physical health. The memories that people are able to make while camping is unreal. 


Camping can also be a bit of a pain in the neck, literally. Different types of camper models all have their own problems like; uncomfortable beds, equipment purchasing, hooking up the water system, and driving. Campers are pretty bulky, so being extra careful while driving is really important. Making sure to book a campsite can be a huge hassle as well. Depending on what campground you choose, overcrowding is a common problem. Other campers love to stay up almost all night and blast their music, so light sleepers be warned. Checking the weather is extremely important because going camping even on rainy days can be problematic for the camper, with activities being cancelled all over the grounds.