The real debate: Crumbl Cookies vs Insomnia Cookies

Srestha Chattopadhyay, Sports Editor

Ever since a Crumbl Cookies store opened up in Sylvania in November, people have been obsessed with trying out the new flavors that come every week. 

However, recently Crumbl Cookies hasn’t been getting the attention it used to. Now, the attention is on Insomnia Cookies, a cookie store that has been in Toledo for quite a while and is known to be mainly used by college students as their hours are relatively late, usually until about 1am. 

The main appeal of Crumbl Cookies, however, are the five to six different flavors that come out each week. These flavors aren’t just the regular chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, but really unusual flavors. For example, for the week of May 8, the flavors consisted of milk chocolate chip, pink velvet cake, hazelnut mudslide, mom’s recipe, raspberry butter cake, and lemon cheesecake. These are six of the many different flavors and recipes that Crumbl Cookies has come up with, and many more flavors are to come.

“Since I work at Crumbl Cookies, I’ve learned the recipes of so many cool cookie flavors. Also I like the joy that we bring to people’s faces after they receive their cookies,” junior Kendall Kleinschmidt said.

On the other hand, Insomnia Cookies has the classic cookies, but also a good variety that are always available. Their flavors range from the snickerdoodle and chocolate chip, all the way to salted caramel, mint, or confetti. 

“Compared to the too sweet, overhyped, and way too expensive cookies, Insomnia Cookies has the perfect balance between the flavors,” junior Bella Elmore said. “Insomnia Cookies are superior, they don’t need all the frosting and toppings that Crumbl Cookies loves to use.”

Overall, the debate between Crumbl Cookies and Insomnia Cookies will likely never end because it really just depends what mood you are in and what kind of cookies you like. However, if you ever want a sweet treat at night, you can rely on either of these two places making your night better.