Why Coffee Isn’t Worth It

Anthony Nassar, Staff Writer

Everywhere around you, there is a person drinking a cup of coffee going about their day. Although coffee is a necessity to some people to keep their day going, is it really worth having every day to keep your energy high?

“Once you start drinking it regularly, you become dependent on it,” sophomore Morgan Woodard said. You depend on the coffee to give you the boost needed for taking on the day which leads you to drink it often.

Coffee really isn’t as good as people say it is. There are much healthier alternatives to drink, such as tea. It is better for your stomach, especially if you drink it in the morning before going to work or school.

Some people think coffee is the perfect thing they need to start their morning. “You can either drink it warm or cold and it comes in a lot of different flavors,” sophomore Macy Roberts said. Adding extra ingredients like sugar and cream can help ease the bitterness felt when drinking coffee.

Coffee might be able to give you a buzz to begin your day, but after every buzz comes a crash. You only get a few hours of being hyper and energetic, but after that, you crash and need more coffee. The cycle continues which leads to coffee affecting your habits in life. 

Coffee is not worth having every single day for an energy boost. As much as the taste could appeal to you, healthier alternatives are always the better way to go.