Tennis Team saves a Man

Emily Thielen

For most sports, the thrill and surprises come from the intense competition. However, this does not remain true for the Girls’ Tennis team.

On the second game of the season out at Ashland University, the Varsity Girls’ tennis team all loaded up on their bus with a bus driver they enjoyed very much. However, at the end of the day is where the surprise came in.

After the match was over, the team asked their bus driver to take a picture of them for their social media page. The driver agreed and got off the bus for the photo. Just minutes after getting up, the driver began to fall down and was having a hard time continuing to communicate with the players.

Coach Mark Fisher was the first to react as he ran over to the driver to assist him and told the girls to call for an ambulance.

The players anxiously called 91. “I wasn’t sure what was really going on,” junior Joy Okeke said. “All I knew was that he needed help.”

In what seemed like a lifetime waiting for help to come, all the girls chipped in to help the bus driver in whatever way possible. Many talked to him to keep him awake, as well as offering him water and keeping the sun out of his face. Eventually the ambulance came and concluded that the problem was from heat exhaustion from sitting on the hot bus for so long without enough fluids.

At the end of the day all that mattered to the players was that the bus driver was okay. Everyone was very concerned for his health. “You don’t always get lucky and get good bus drivers, but this guy is really cool,” sophomore Fiona McDaniel said. “I really hope we get to have him as our driver again sometime.”