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Design it your way, design it my way

Before the class of 2014’s senior year had even begun, there was drama. It actually all started at the end of their junior year over their senior class t-shirts…yes, t-shirts, a piece of clothing.

The class of 2014 chose an awesome Harry Potter shirt that won when they voted for the senior shirts last year. However, there were some students who were upset that a different design, camouflage, had not won. These students saw fit to take matters into their own hands. Feelings were hurt, rumors flew and people all around got angry as it become a priority to have exactly what they wanted on a class t-shirt. Eventually it died down, and the class shirt was given the design that had been chosen through the kindergarten-old system for fairness–majority rules.

So many seniors thought by the start of their senior year all the spirit wear commotion would have died down, but it had only begun.

Once senior year began, senior girls attempted to create, on their own, the traditional “Senior Women” shirts. On Facebook, there was a group called “Senior Women Are…” where they were going to come up with their own design and have the shirts made.

They had a meeting and picked a design, but nothing ever happened. Many of the girls were upset because it is a tradition that has been held every year. So a few seniors took it into their own hands. They created a design and made jersey shirts that were sold in the Cat Cave. But again, people were unhappy with the shirts.

So the senior class t-shirts and the senior women t-shirts had their petty drama, but it didn’t end there: then there were camouflage shirts. Only a handful of the senior class wanted camo, but there was a ruckus over more shirts.

Being upset over the design at first is understandable. Being genuinely upset and putting up a fight about it is not. It is a shirt that seniors will wear until they forget about it in the back of their closets or until they no longer fit in it because the college freshman 15 snuck up on them.

Not only will the shirts hold no significance later on in life, but the profit from the camo shirts is not going to the class of 2014, it is going to Business Tech. People had such an issue about the shirts they chose junior year that the Northview versus Southview game became a “Camo Out”. It is just a shirt…a shirt.

Let’s not get caught up in the small stuff such as a shirt design, but on making senior year the best year of high school.

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