HIgh school football DRama

Grant Hartnett

A high school in St. Louis Missouri has decided to cut the season short and fire all coaches involved with hiding a player’s identity during their first game of the season. 

Cardinal Ritter College Prep, a premier high school football powerhouse, was dealt with a conflict when star running back Bill Jackson was suspended from the title game last season. His actions would lead to a one game suspension of the 2019 season. The running back wore number 24, instead of regular number 4, and took a freshman’s name, Marvin Burks, the team had everyone involved. 

The team was not so sneaky though as Bill’s tattoos revealed his identity resulting in an immediate season halt, and releasing of the entire coaching staff. Jackson, better known as Burks for the game, ran for 109 yards and scored a 56 yard touchdown in 32-21 win. Cardinal Ritter was 7-0 up until that point but was unable to prolong their season. Both Coach Gregory and Jackson spoke to the press before the truth came out.

“Freshman Burks earned the start it’s his time to play ball,” said Gregory. The situation is both embarrassing for the school and for the program, obviously from the coaches standpoint talking to the media about his young talent in Burks makes the situation even more embarrassing.