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Vegans GOing into fast food restaurants


Meatless Monday is here to stay! With the rising amounts of people choosing a plant based diet, more companies are including new options. In 2018 studies showed that over 25% of the world identified as either vegan or vegetarian. Fueling ideas for restaurants all over. 

Due to the rise, popular fast food chain Burger King just introduced the “Impossible Burger.” A delicious alternative to the regular burger. “I was so excited when I heard about the vegan burger at Burger King. It was so good,” Haley Catti said. 

Another win for the meat free is Subway’s new “Beyond Meat” sub. An italian sandwich made with vegan meatballs. These came out to 685 Subway locations  just this week. 

“I love how fast food companies are slowly but surely offering more options for vegetarians and vegans. It is better for everyone,” Kennedy Vrooman said. 

Fast food companies offering these options are not just great for the meat free, but also for meat eaters interested in adapting to the diet. “I was nervous to try the vegan burger. I really didn’t know what to expect, but was surprisingly really good,” Camren Horvath said. 

“I love how it is opening people up to the vegan diet,” Catti said.

When you walk through the aisles of your local grocery store, you will surely see plant based meats, dairy products, and even eggs. These items are what will help bring a stop to animal cruelty. There isn’t a thing you will have to give up when choosing this diet, due to all the new options.

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