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Show Some Respect

How would you feel if your friend ignored what you were saying, had headphones in while you were trying to talk to them, or they were on their phone the whole time you were together? You would be annoyed, hurt, and possibly angry with their actions, but teachers have to deal with this all day everyday.

While you may get annoyed by your teachers telling you to put your phone away or to take out your headphones, you have to look at it from their perspective. Their job is to relay information to you to help you graduate and do well in their classes. The teachers have usually put in a lot of work with lesson plans and working out the best way to give you the information, how would you feel if you worked your hardest on a presentation but people weren’t listening and were just on their phone or had headphones in?

Even if you dislike the teacher or the class, it doesn’t erase the fact that teachers are people too, the actions you do in their class can’t always be brushed off. It’s important to show some respect to the people you see everyday and the people who put in hours of their time to grade and teach you new material. Class periods are only 42 minutes long, you can go without your phone or music for a short lecture and some notes.

Paying more attention in class could also help you understand more material in the long run too. According to the article ‘Should You Let Students Listen to Music in the Classroom?’ written by Nancy Barile from Hey Teach! A study was conducted where students were given a reading comprehension test and some students were given a range of music like jazz and hip hop to listen to and the others weren’t listening to anything. The students that had no music playing scored on average, higher than the students that listened to music. The study also concluded that students who listened to high intensity music like hip hop had a greater negative effect on their scores than any other style of music.

You’re with your teachers for three and a half hours a week, it’s good to have a mutual understanding both ways for the work you both do and respect should go both ways. The less respect you have for a teacher the more problems you’re likely to have with them. Overall, it benefits both parties if technology is put away for a short amount of time so you can focus and listen to your teacher. The teacher feels more respected with the work they do for the class and you will be able to understand and follow along with the class easier.

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