Painting Nails & Causing Smiles

Lydia Ludwig

Last year, Glamour Gals was introduced to Northview by Madison Brixey and Kayla Thielen. The mission of Glamour Gals is to encourage teenagers to provide beauty care, such as manicures and facials, and friendships with elderly men and women living in senior centers.

Glamour Gals was a big hit its first year, and it appears to be just as successful this year.The first meeting was held on September 13 in Chris Jude’s Cosmotology room and over 70 girls showed interest.

One of our upcoming events is a “Polish Party” where Mrs. Jude teaches members of Glamour Gals how to properly polish nails. This year, we have planned to host a Valentine’s Day party with elderly men and women to bake cookies and make cards for one another. Another idea from the leaders of the club is to decorate ornaments around the holiday season.

Glamour Gals inspires so many teens to make new friendships and form special bonds with the elderly citizens.

“Glamour Gals means reaching out to the community and making a difference. Being a part of something bigger than yourself is so humbling, especially knowing you made someone smile at the end of the day,” sophomore Morgan Brixey said.

Meetings occur about once a month, but visits are planned to be twice a month. One visit is arranged to be after school, and the other is on a Saturday morning. Members of the club that attend visits can get volunteer hours for the time they spend reaching out to others.

Following the visits, it is strongly encouraged to write a few sentence entry on the Glamour Gals website, to be noticed by the foundation. This organization benefits passionate and dedicated teenagers by rewarding them with scholarship opportunities if they choose to apply.

This year, with junior Emily Thielen as president, sophomore Morgan Brixey as vice president, junior Peyton Siegel as treasurer, and junior Lydia Ludwig as public relations officer, Glamour Gals is set up for success.

“I’m really excited to see which girls come out to volunteer, and to see how much we can help our residents,” Thielen said. This organization has encouraged girls and guys around the country to connect and form special bonds that will last a lifetime.