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First Quarter Freakout

I never expected this year to be so difficult. I mean everyone always told me, “junior year is the hardest,” but did I actually buy it? No, especially not after last year.

I remember the summer before sophomore year, I made a calendar of how many weeks of summer I had. During each week I completed a certain amount of my homework. By the time school started up again, I had been done with my summer homework for two weeks.

Sophomore year started fine, but it got harder and more difficult as the year went on. Taking on an AP class probably wasn’t my best decision. Within those last four weeks of school, I was miserable and just ready to be done.

The break over summer was refreshing. A trip to California, a job at an ice cream shop. Could it get any better? Nope, it got worse. I completely neglected my summer reading and decided to read books for pleasure instead.

I was fumbling in that last week of summer. Little Women was opening, band camp was happening, and I still had a whole book to read and an essay to write. I ended up cranking out my essay the night before school started and getting a C- on it. Not bad for a quick write, but doing something in one night is not a good way to deal with homework.

Overall, that probably wasn’t the best way to kick off my junior year. In the past six weeks, things have only gone down hill. Everyone wants to be involved, including myself. It’s possible that I’m taking on too much, but how could I drop the things I love?

Instead of dropping the things we love, we just have to take one thing at a time. Compartmentalize. We have to consider what is most important and finish that first. Stressing out over the small stuff is not worth it. What is a good strategy is to make a list of things that are most important to least and start from the top.

To all juniors, not all of us have been struggling to kick off our year, but others of us have. To those who need to work on balancing all of our activities, here are some tips to follow if you don’t want junior year to be a flop.

Most of the teachers have a free period or work in the math lab, writing lab, and think tank. If you’re really struggling, visiting these places during your study hall or commons isn’t a bad idea. The most reasonable choice: to ask questions during class. Your teacher knows what he/she is doing, and they are more than welcome to give you help.

If you find you have missed some deadlines, don’t panic, talk to your teacher and see if they accept late work – it is worth asking.

Places you can get help beyond your teachers: I always ask my friends for help. Khan Academy is a good source too.

In general, being a junior is going to be rough, but we have to make this year count.

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