Students make movies for The Tree City Film Festival


It’s a wrap! The Tree City Film Festival took place over the weekend of April 17-19 and several students got to walk the red carpet with some of them coming home with awards.

The Festival took place at the Sylvania Historical Train Barn on Main Street. The event laid out a red carpet with rows of chairs facing towards a big projector screen. Prizes were raffled off such as a GoPro and Mud Hens tickets with food and drinks also being offered.

April 18 was the day of the High School Shorties. iMedia teacher Tami Blue gave her students the chance to compete with her junior and senior class of students. Also, two freshmen who were in Mrs. Blue’s film camp over the summer participated.

The film festival sold out. filling with students and some of their families and most of the videos were from Mrs. Blue’s students. About 20 videos were shown on the big screen and at the end two winners were announced with plaques to take home.

Winning the Shorties were seniors Hannah Clark and Allison Oswald with My Life as a Dinosaur. In second place were the freshman group made of Sophie Muir and Grace Cappellinni with their silent film Red Balloon. “I was very surprised of how we did because we entered our things last minute,” Cappellinni said.

On Saturday, the 50 Hour Challenge results were announced. Any age or group could compete and one group of Northview students participated. In the 50 Hour Challenge the teams shot videos in a 50 hour time range over one weekend having to include four unique things to prove it was done after the challenge was set: the Northview Hill, maple syrup, a character named Pretty Boy Floyd, and the root of all evil. They were also assigned a genre for their film.

No students won this challenge, but overall they considered it a good effort. “I was happy how it turned out and I’ll definitely do it again next year,” junior Logan Emerson said.

Throughout the weekend 23 videos from students were entered from Northview.

“I’m proud of all the students and all the videos turned out great,” Mrs. Blue said. Next year she hopes there will be more student teams to compete and a section only for students.

Trent Croci, Staff Writer