What’s the point of Summer Assignments?

Alyssa Bernhard, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end, students as well as staff, are excited about summer break, however, we can’t forget about school completely. 

“I feel like they reiterate the importance of being a life long learner during the summer months when students just want to check out.  In the real world, in a real job, learning never ends — employees are expected to stay up to date with current trends in their profession… they don’t get ‘summers off’,” math teacher Heather Tussing said.  

However, students as well as staff have been run dry from the past three years.

“This year, I think students DO NEED A BREAK.  We have had an extremely trying three years due to the pandemic and honestly, we made huge strides this year.  I say…. Enjoy a summer off as a high schooler this summer, at least in the math department,” Mrs. Tussing said.

The English Department is trying a different approach to summer assignments. Instead of giving students no work over the summer, they are giving students a a wider spectrum of things to choose something that they find enjoyable.

“When students actually complete the summer assignment as it was intended, it does greatly help students in the first quarter.  Students who do not read the book struggle with assignments related to the book and are generally behind as a result,” English teacher BethAnn Seifert said. “  

This year, most English teachers are giving a choice for summer assignment books instead of requiring one specific book.  Not all students enjoy the same books, so by giving several options, it is our hope that more students will be interested and will complete the required work,” Mrs. Seifert said.

While most students believe that summer assignments are unnecessary, they help students keep up on their skills so they don’t diminish over break.

“I believe that summer assignments are important in math because they allow students to practice their math skills so that they are staying up to date,” math teacher Desiree Eidson said.