Noodle the TikTok Pug

Tyson Bernath, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Do you ever start your day dreading what’s ahead? Just want to stay home from school and call off work? It’s not because you’re sick or that you’re lazy. It’s probably because it’s a no-bones day. A “no-bones day” as explained by @jongraz on TikTok is a day for “kindness and self-care and just listening to what you need”. 

A bones or no-bones day is decided by Noodle the pug. The pug has absolutely taken over TikTok. The pug’s owner, Jon, starts each day off with a reading of bones or no-bones. This reading is done by picking up Noodle from his bed and setting him down. If Noodle stays standing it is a bones day which is followed by celebration and some words of motivation from Jon. If Noodle lays back down that is a no-bones day. A no-bones day is followed by a more laid back Jon with empathetic words.

When it comes down to it, all people aren’t truly looking to a pug for a psychic reading on what their day will be like. People want the feeling of empathy and to be reassured that it is okay to have mental health days and to sit back and relax a little. Other days people need some motivation to go get what needs to be done, done. What better way to receive this empathy than from an adorable, old pug on the internet.

Noodle likely has no idea the impact that he has on people, but he is encouraging positive mental health all across the world. In the busy working world that we live in it can be hard for people to take a break or know when they need to take a break. Empathy is a critical human emotion and there’s a shortage of it in today’s world. Jon and Noodle are doing everyone a favor and just being there for them without even really being there.