Student Section Leaders Spark Spirit


Maggie Schmitt

Building school spirit is one of the most important tasks for the Student Council. This year, Student Section Leaders have been chosen to get the job done.

But what is a student section leader? Chosen by the senior class, five students were nominated to hype up the student section during football games. This year, the section leaders are seniors Matt Biggs, Kouri Geha, Emily Kahan, Sydnie Simile, and Jolie Pyles.

“It’s so nice that we are somewhat back to normal,” Emily Joyce said. “I love seeing the smiles that come from the crowd and the spirit coming from them as well.”

Their main goal this year is to make the student section entertaining. Creating high energy and excitement in the student section helps the growth of school spirit. The biggest reason STUCO started the student section leaders was “to make sure the spirit at football games is amazing,” Student Council President Anna Bernard said. 

At the beginning of every football game, the leaders get to go down to the turf to watch the game. Standing in front of the students, they are able to cheer with the cheerleaders and the dance team. They are in charge of starting chants, running cheers, and strengthening the energy of the high schoolers. 

“My favorite part is being able to see everyone in the stands and all the adrenaline and enthusiasm,” Pyles said.