Picnic Kicks Off Senior Year

Sarah Gross

The class of 2022 had a return to normalcy when they celebrated the start of their senior year at the senior picnic August 2 at Centennial Terrace. “All the seniors were glad that they got to experience their senior picnic with Covid-19 still going on,” senior Kate Lavalette said. 

At this picnic, there was a photobooth where students could change the background of the photos and make different designs after they had taken their photo. “The photobooth was the best part of my night,” senior Mia Swartz said.

     This event was Hawaiian themed, where all the seniors dressed up in Hawaiian shirts, wore leis and took photos. Some activities that the seniors got to do were cornhole, limbo, and a competition of who was best dressed at the picnic. 

During this event, their main options for food were popcorn and pizza. They had a snow machine where you would take chucks of ice, put the ice in a cone and then put either the flavor raspberry or blueberry on your ice and a slushie machine. All of the seniors got their senior shirts at the picnic.

“It was more fun than I thought it would be because my class isn’t involved, so I didn’t think anyone would go,” senior Catherine Steele said.