Battle of the Bags

Isabella Carrie Elmore and Abby Clark

The senior student government recently hosted a cornhole fundraiser for the school and the student body. The Battle of the Bags was on August 11 from 5 to 11pm at the Village Inn. This event was exclusively for the seniors as a student unity event.

The Battle of the Bags cost $45 per person, or $90 a team. There were many rewards included with this event such as Walleye tickets for the upcoming season, and a pass to a full car wash at Whiteford Valley. 

Student Government also included a raffle for all who entered, the prizes included a t-shirt, and added cash that came from a portion of the entry fee. The grand prize for the first place winners was a whopping $300.

About 100 people attended the event, and some even showed up to support Northview, despite not playing. 

“There was about $4,000 raised but that money actually went to our After-Prom, and none of it went to Student Government for Prom,” Student Government president, senior Nicole Taylor said. 

They ended up putting the mass of money towards other events despite raising an incredible amount. “This was a great fundraiser because adults could come hangout and and also go into the Village Inn and grab a bite while watching the game,” Taylor said.