Changes Happening in Senate


Ella Lockshin, Features and Graphics Editor

Sarah McBride is America’s first openly transgender State Senator. McBride won Delaware by 73% and she will begin serving in January 2021. McBride has another first, she was the first transgender staffer at the White House. 

After her victory was announced McBride Tweeted this inspirational message. “I hope tonight shows an LGBTQ kid that our democracy is big enough for them, too.”

“I am very excited that Ms. Mcbride won the election and I think it sends a message to all LGBTQ+ kids that our country is for them too,” Coexist Club advisor, Tami Blue said. “The voters have shown that they are voting for people who stand for fairness and equality and that is huge.”

McBride aims to make healthcare more accessible to everyone. As well as raising Delaware’s minimum wage. She hopes to make more gun safety restrictions and protect the environment.

Before she ran for State Senator, McBride received her degree from American University. She then worked at the White House as an intern in 2012 and is currently the Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.