NHS Officer Election

New members of the National Honors Society were inducted into the organization on April 17.  Following the induction, an election for officers and committee positions took place.

In order to run for a position students had to be nominated by a peer or they could nominate themselves.

Several members of NHS were nominated for the various positions which included president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, the DanceGOLD committee (which consists of eight members), and the learning center committee (which consists of two members).

At an all member meeting, all of the candidates for the officer positions had to give a brief one minute speech on why their peers should vote for them. The different offices are associated with the four different pillars of NHS which was to be reflected in their speeches. The pillar for president is leadership, vice president is service, secretary is character, and treasurer is scholarship.

During this election, candidates running had to receive the majority of votes in order to win.  In the event that this doesn’t happen there has to be a runoff election between the candidates with the most votes. This occured in this year’s’ election.

In the end, Ryan Bules was elected president, Sheridan Scott vice president, Erin O’Donnell secretary, and Meghan Vandenbroek treasurer.  “I’m so grateful for being elected and I’m excited to help make NHS a better organization” O’Donnell said.
“It was a great experience running for this position and I hope to make this year even better than the last,” Scott said.
“Running was a lot of fun and a fantastic experience. I’m really excited to work with my fellow officers and start senior year off strong,” Bules said.
“I’m so happy and excited to have been elected and to work alongside some great people for senior year,” Vandenbroek said. These selected individuals will lead NHS for the following school year.

-Josie Umfleet