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Chemistry students celebrate Mol Day


What is more fun than a day dedicated to games, food, and dressing up? Nothing really compares to what students got to experience on October 23, which in science circles is known as Mol Day.

Avogadro’s number is used in science classes frequently, with a date dedicated to the numbers it represents. 6.022 times 10 to the 23rd power is Avogadro’s number and is exactly why Mol day is on the 10th month and the 23rd day of that month.

Chemistry teach Andy Roth took advantage of this day, allowing his students a fun day off to earn some bonus points.

“Mol Day was a great break for my school day. I like how Mr. Roth gives us the day off to become more involved and interested with the science behind that day,” junior Shane Banachowski said.

Students had the option of dressing up, making moles, or bringing in food, all to earn extra points. Although this wasn’t mandatory, almost all of the students participated. The theme this year was Sci-Fi movies. Students dressed up relating to the movies Star Wars, Avatar, Avengers, Space Chimps, and so much more. The group voted with the best costume in each class period was rewarded with extra points. Walking through the hallways, you probably saw many students wearing their costumes on this day.

“Mol Day is fun because everyone is all dressed up weird, and it kind of feels like a big inside joke with all of Mr. Roth’s classes because no one else understands Mol Day,” junior Rosalie D’Onofrio said.

Not only did kids dress up, they also created their own moles. Students got a template to put together and sew a mole, for even more bonus points. Most students then dressed up and decorated their mole to go with their theme. The students in each class with the best mole, won extra bonus points. You can find these moles hanging in Mr. Roth’s classroom.

Many students also brought in or made food for their class to share. Walking into his room, the counter was filled with a variety of different foods, according to sophomore Teagan Benedict.

Students got to spend their class time participating in a bunch of games, like pin the tail on the mol, shoot the mol, and much more. The overall winner of the games were awarded bonus points and named the Mol day champions.

Haley Jones, Staff Writer

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