NV puts in new countertops

For the past year, the school has been rapidly changing. From TV’s to the courtyard to the cafeteria, it’s hard to find a part of Northview that hasn’t been improved.

One of the most recent renovations includes the main office. The old desks have been replaced with larger ones with granite countertops.

“I like these countertops because they are much more professional,” Secretary Kim Pietrykowski said.

Mrs. Pietrykowski’s desk is now on the other side of the office, closest to Principal Steve Swaggerty’s office.

The countertops are more durable, according to Mrs. Pietrykowski.

“The office has improved a lot, I like the new desks,” office aide Ben Bostadter said.

The granite countertops are more durable and will last up to 30 years, according to Mr. Swaggerty.

Nazihah Bhatti, Opinions Editor