Top 10 Things We Hate About Schoology


Reegan Minor, Co-Editor In Chief

  1. Too many clicks. In order to find or access a specific assignment students have to click on courses, then click on the class, then the right sub folders, and so forth. To find that one document a student has to dig through everything.
  2. Constantly crashes. Multiple times a week students will log on to take a quiz, do an assignment, or go on a Google Meet and be greeted with the message “Schoology Learning is Currently Unavailable”.
  3. Button shortcuts don’t show up. Most teachers utilize the ability to have buttons at the top of their page for convenience. However, about half of the time the buttons don’t show up, so the student is unable to access things like the Google Meet. 
  4. Completed assignments aren’t differentiated. To tell if an assignment that’s on a student’s calendar was completed, they have to click on each assignment and look to see if it was submitted. The program doesn’t do anything to differentiate the complete and incomplete assignments, for example Google Classroom would make a completed assignment gray. 
  5. Hard to find past assignments. If students wish to go back to an old assignment for reference, or to make sure they did it correctly, it’s difficult to find. There is no search bar for assignments, so students have to dig through all of the folders instead.
  6. Two semester courses are separated. If a class is two semesters long, which most high school ones are, there are two separate classes in Schoology. So, when trying to find a student’s class there are two of the same and they could click on the wrong one sometimes to figure out if it’s the one they actually need. 
  7. Unable to delete wrong submission. Certain assignments require students to submit their one file either from their drive or a photo, but if they submit the wrong file, the students can’t delete it. There’s no going back and unsubmitting the wrong file. 
  8. Incomplete comments get erased when the tab is closed. Some assignments require the student to submit a response using the discussion board, which means making a comment. Certain assignments need a longer response, but if the student tries to come back to it later and closes the tab, they have to start all over. 
  9. Too many notifications. For discussion board assignments, the program sends students a notification each time a classmate makes a comment, even if it’s a sub comment. The notifications just become useless and overused to where it isn’t convenient. 
  10. Students were thrown into the deep end. Instead of slowly integrating Schoology and teaching students how to efficiently use it, the school system just threw it at them, while remote learning, and made the students try to figure it out.