NV seniors get to the root of the voting process


Learn about the voting process, get paid and be excused from school for a whole day?

This is what the senior AP Government students were allowed to do on Election Day, which is today.

Any AP Government student who is 17 or older and attended a three hour training session could participate, according to AP Government teacher Perry Lefevre.

“As a government teacher, the Board of Election reached out to me many years ago. They know that there are young people who would like to do this and they want to try to get younger people involved in the voting process,” Mr. Lefevre said.

NV students have been working polls for the last 14 years, according to Mr. Lefevre.

“The Board of Election seeks out our students because of their consistent reliability and work ethic,” Mr. Lefevre said.

The training session taught students things like how to act towards voters, how to work the machines, and register and sign people in, according to senior Gabby Croci.

“It’s a really great opportunity for me to learn how the voting process actually works,” Croci said.

The group of NV students is stationed in various places around Toledo and working a 12-hour day for the Board of Elections getting right to the root of the voting process, according to Mr. Lefevre.

Kailee McAfee, Staff Writer