Carnegie Hall Experience


When you hear the news that you are going to play at one of the most well known and prestigious music halls of the nation, it doesn’t exactly hit you until the you see tall buildings and people stopping at food trucks in New York City.

I had the amazing opportunity to be able to perform in this hall and in this city. Eight hour rehearsals for three days doesn’t begin to describe the feeling that you are going to play IN CARNEGIE HALL. Most days, we would have rehearsal in the morning and afternoon, then do something fun in the evening.

The first day consisted of getting to know everyone in our group and a first morning seating with our conductor, Kirt Mosier. Then in the evening, groups of us went to see a Broadway show, in which we were able to choose from Phantom of the Opera, School of Rock, Cats, and Wicked.

The next day was where we would play for 10 seconds, then stop and make changes. It was brutal, but completely necessary. We would turn something that was good and put our own flare to it. The best part was that our conductor actually listened to our suggestions and incorporated them to the piece. We also had a film music producer and composer from Los Angeles, Chris Miller, visit and incorporate a modern touch to our classical pieces.

That night, we explored New York and went to tourist attractions: Top of the Rock and Times Square. It was amazing to see all the different lights and billboards, and even the spot where musical performances for the Today Show were filmed.

The actual performance was thrilling. The stage looked as if it were made of gold and when you look out to the audience, it hits you that this is really happening.

Though of course, the saying goes, “work hard, play harder.”

That night, we went on an actual yacht party. There were tables and desserts and a lounge and even a dancefloor and DJ. It was the best way to end all the hard work that went into performing at the hall, but aside from all the material things, the connection that you feel when you meet someone from a whole other state is breathtaking.

My roommate was from Georgia, my stand partner was from Guam, and my best friend in the trip was from Seattle. Everywhere you went, someone was from another state and it was crazy to think that we may never meet again, but for these three days, we became best friends. Carnegie Hall was an experience I won’t ever forget and it truly made it worth making up all the work that three days piled on from school.

Karen Pan, News Editor