Med Tech juniors celebrate Halloween with trunk-or-treat

Alexander Passero, News Editor

The junior Med Tech program celebrated Halloween with an event for local kids: a trunk-or-treat, which consisted of a dozen cars parked in front of Northview with students handing out candy. 

“We had people volunteer to put their cars out and kids just came around and got candy from each car,” junior Caitlyn Podolka said. The main purpose of the event was to engage the Sylvania community while drawing attention to the Med Tech program.

“It was for the community, for the kids, and so that we could get across with Med Tech, so that it would be bigger and more people would know about it,” junior Riley Berends said. 

The event was planned by a small group of Med Tech students with the assistance of Med Tech teacher Dana Baird. 

“We have our HOSA program, which is six officers, and the social committee decided that they wanted to do a trunk-or-treat. I did a little of the advertising because I was reaching out to administration, and they got other students to get involved in it,” Mrs. Baird said. The kids visiting took the event well.

“It was fun to see the kids come dressed up, and I liked the reactions to our cars,” junior Bailey Alexander said. 

“The students that took part in it absolutely loved it, and the feedback that we got from the little kids coming through, like hearing them laughing and they were allowed to go around a couple of times and just see the different trunks, they had a lot of fun doing that,” Mrs. Baird said. 

This event is just one of the many events that the junior Med Tech program holds. “We just had a bake sale, and I think we’ll probably have more soon,” Berends said.