Teachers play charity softball match to raise money for Victory Center

Team Roth beat Team Lefevre in a tight game October 3 that included some intense softball as well as some fun like this ball soaked in liquid nitrogen that exploded on contact by Band Director Nathan Heath. More »

Seniors win Powder Puff

The Senior girls high five to start the annual Seniors vs Juniors game - an intense rivalry with no shortage of fierce fun. More »

Team Jive for the win

This year saw a new winner for the third year of danceGOLD. After two years of winning Team Cha Cha saw Team Jive take the top spot in the NHS sponsored charity event. More »

Les Miserables sells out

Performing to packed crowds and even selling some out the musical was intense, being one of the few in NV\'s history to be without speaking and only singing. More »

Welcome to the new Willy the Wildcat!

Willy the Wildcat retired after 22 years of service January 13 at the fill er up game night for both Boys\' and Girls\' Basketball games. But don\'t worry, a new Willy was introduced. More »

Northview’s S4 satellite team was able to receive data and successfully depart 6,021 feet from the ground

More »


Seven Game Sevens

The Seven Greatest Game Sevens   There is nothing in sports like the seventh game of a series, absolutely nothing to compare with two baseball, basketball, or hockey teams, exhausted from six previous tilts, battling it out and giving everything

Growing Up

Here’s to growing up! It is crazy how fast everything is going. You never really believe it when people tell you “Enjoy your four years of high school! They fly by in the blink of an eye!” I remember my

AP Bio Bath Bombs

AP biology teacher Paula Werner thought of a creative and fun way to kick off the end of the year. Usually the AP biology labs are dreaded by some students because they can be extremely challenging, but it would be

Public Schools v.s. Private School Sports

If you follow high school sports at all, you probably know that there is a large difference between public schools and private schools. Due to different rules regarding recruiting, private schools dominate many high school sports and repeatedly win state

All School Assembly

The third annual All School Academic Assembly took place on April 27 directly after first period and went until around 9:50 a.m. At this assembly students were recognized for their academic achievements throughout the 2016-’17 school year. Some parents also

State Testing

State testing. We’ve done it every year ever since I can remember. It started with the huge packets that was at least 50 + pages, then it moved to online testing. I remember specifically sitting in the computer lab, dumbfounded,

Salute to Education

Every year in April the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes local teachers, counselors, faculty, and administrators that are in the Sylvania Schools District. This year 12 teachers were chosen. These teachers were selected for their outstanding service to their

Fast Food Restaurant Differences

When looking at fast food restaurants in the North and in the South side by side, there are major differences. The differences do not usually relate to the type of food being served, but instead it is the actual brand

Joining Clubs Just For Colleges?

I think most high school students involved in numerous clubs and activities have been guilty of this; only joining so “it looks good on college applications.” I’m here to tell you that while getting involved is always a good thing,

Peace Project

The PEACE Project is an organization that focuses on helping children going through rough times. Specifically instances with drugs and alcohol. Recently, the PEACE project has been working on mentoring younger students, specifically in middle schools. They have been talking