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Growing Up

Here’s to growing up! It is crazy how fast everything is going. You never really believe it when people tell you “Enjoy your four years of high school! They fly by in the blink of an eye!” I remember my

State Testing

State testing. We’ve done it every year ever since I can remember. It started with the huge packets that was at least 50 + pages, then it moved to online testing. I remember specifically sitting in the computer lab, dumbfounded,

Fast Food Restaurant Differences

When looking at fast food restaurants in the North and in the South side by side, there are major differences. The differences do not usually relate to the type of food being served, but instead it is the actual brand

Joining Clubs Just For Colleges?

I think most high school students involved in numerous clubs and activities have been guilty of this; only joining so “it looks good on college applications.” I’m here to tell you that while getting involved is always a good thing,

Anderson’s Downfall

With 2017 off to an interesting start, many people may be hoping for a great start to a brand new year. A year of “second chances”, resolutions, and a new, fresh take on what’s in store. However, for many Toledoans,


This past week has been all about scheduling, and thinking about your future not just for juniors but for sophomores as well. As third quarter continues on we get closer and closer to the end of the school year, counselors

Voting for Sylvania Schools

When you think of the Sylvania School district, some things instantly come to mind. Like all the special education and learning programs, the sports programs, the extra curricular activities, the  art and music programs offered for each student through elementary

5 things to be thankful for this holiday season

Family and Friends They bring us comfort, love, and kindness. Who knows where we would be without them. They are our base and stand by our side through every success and failure that we have. “I live for family and

Black Friday takes away the meaning of Thanksgiving

Everyone knows Black Friday as being the day after Thanksgiving when we get all of our Christmas shopping done. People all over the country set their alarm clocks for 5 a.m so they can go stand in line for hours

Should we worry about the foods we eat?

When faced with the decision of food, most people go for what seems delicious, but are our favorite foods actually killing us? Many of the foods teenagers mindlessly enjoy are high in sugar, fat, and calories. In a typical 2,000