Too Early for Christmas Music?

Gillian Myslinski

Every year around the time of Thanksgiving there is always the debate, “Is it too early to play Christmas music?”

There are people who believe that Christmas music should be played weeks before Thanksgiving, and people who think it should be held off until after Thanksgiving.

Most radio stations that play Christmas music start playing it around November 1. Radio stations tend to play music that will appeal to more people to get more listeners, so they probably think that Christmas music should be okay to play before Thanksgiving.

However, there are many people that are against listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

“I feel Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated until it is the upcoming holiday,” sophomore Reegan Minor said.

People believe that by starting Christmas music too early we forget about Thanksgiving and skip right to Christmas. It doesn’t help when stores put out Christmas decorations at the beginning of November. This makes people forget the holiday of giving thanks and get excited for Christmas.

“Right now Thanksgiving is coming up so I think we should focus on that. As soon as Thanksgiving is over people are more than welcome to jam out to Christmas music,” Minor said.

Just as there are many people who think that the music should wait there are equally as many people who want to listen to the music.

“When you see the snow outside you just can’t help from wanting to listen to Christmas music,” junior Angelina Delbosque said.

No matter how hard people try to not listen to the music others make it difficult. People just can’t help not to get in the holiday spirit around this time of year.

I think that Christmas music should be played as early as people want to play it. The holiday season doesn’t last long and people need to listen to the Christmas music before it’s too late. There is nothing wrong with spreading a little Christmas cheer, even in November.