Growing Up

Here’s to growing up! It is crazy how fast everything is going.

You never really believe it when people tell you “Enjoy your four years of high school! They fly by in the blink of an eye!” I remember my soccer coach telling me that exact phrase my freshman year. I remember thinking, “No way. These are definitely going to be the longest years ever.” Silly freshman!

Here I am about to finish off my junior year and become a senior of Sylvania Northview High School. Most of my friends who were seniors this year are now graduating and going off to college or to serve in the Navy.

I remember when I first became friends with them and the thought of them leaving me had never fully entered my brain until this year. A year from now, I’ll be in their shoes, walking across that stage and leaving the halls of NV.

I think the advice I would give underclassmen is to really cherish every single moment, even the bad ones. Every school dance, Friday night football game, all nighters, and being able to see your best friends every day. One day, it will all be nothing but memories.

Next fall will be my last time playing soccer with some of my closest friends. It will be the last time I play soccer too. It feels like just yesterday I was a wide eyed freshman going to my first summer workout, unaware that I would be making the friends of a lifetime.

The only thing I can do now is cherish the moments I have with my friends this year. Before I know it, it will all be over.

Andrea Almeida, Online Editor