Commiting to Bowling Green


Reagan Minor

Commiting to a D1 college football team had always been a dream for seniors Trent Simms and Matt Fortner.  

For Varsity quarterback Simms, playing football at Bowling Green University was always a goal since his father also played there.  

The two athletes had been in communication with BGSU for months before they received their offers. Fortner said his favorite part of football is, “Obviously hitting people, but also just being part of a team which is bigger than yourself.”  This love for the game sprouted in both players from a young age.  

The transition from high school football to college football is not always easy for most athletes, however, “In order to play at the next level, a kid needs to have that extra want to succeed.  It takes a special kind of kid to make it,” Varsity Football Assistant Coach Greg Silm said.  

Both Fortner and Simms are excited to continue their football careers and don’t feel any extra pressure that they haven’t before. “I think the hardest part for me would be knowing that everyone there is as good as me, or better,” Simms said. To get to this point in their athletic careers, both players put in hours of dedication. The two do some type of training everyday of the week.   

Simms and Fortner both committed to BGSU toward the end of their junior years. “For both boys, the sky’s the limit,” Coach Silm said. The NV football coaching staff is excited to watch these two athletes flourish next season.