Parking Lot Problems


Elizabeth Humberger

Students have most likely noticed the many issues involving student parking this school year. To help fix these issues building more parking lots would be very helpful, but there is just no available land for building them as Northview is landlocked in its location. 

There are about 380 students with parking tags and only 410 available student parking spots. Dean of Students Jon Monheim wishes they could put a new parking spot by the sledding hill, but admits that is likely not possible.

What annoys Mr. Monheim the most is how students break the parking rules even when they know what they are doing. Following up on these students takes up a lot of his time that he could be spending on other, more important things, he said. 

The construction of the new softball field has removed 74 parking spaces and closed one entrance, however 65 of those parking spots will return when the construction is done. 

When the construction initially started they estimated it would take about three months, so they hope there are only two months left to go, according to Mr. Monheim. They have spent $1.7 million in total on the construction of the new softball field. 

There are not many ways to alleviate the traffic and parking issues, but Mr. Monheim has one possible solution, he said “students, take the bus.”