“So my foot’s totally stuck in there right, I’m totally freaking out, the dog’s having a seizure, and I still got half a pie left.” Some people might recognize this line of dialogue from Drake and Josh, but this past weekend, a group of six students had to use this sentence along with a specific prop and genre, to write, rehearse, and produce a ten minute play.

Express Play Fest had its opening ceremony September 19, introducing Northview, Southview, and Springfield as competitors. Northview’s team included senior Mackenzie Brisbin, junior Taryn Wachowiak, sophomores Owen Borton, Bella Olzak, and Hope Pitzen, and freshman Kay Lewallen.

“Getting to write something with a bunch of people I don’t know, and getting to know them and making new friends was a lot of fun,” Lewallen said.

At the opening ceremony each of the three teams received a prop, a line of dialogue, and a genre that they had to incorporate into a 10 minute play. After all of that was taken care of, the schools got to know each other a little bit by playing some theatre games. Then, they were given the weekend to write their show before they had to come back on Sunday and rehearse it with tech.

After an exhausting and stressful writing process, Sunday came, and the group headed back to Springfield to rehearse. 

“I was really nervous knowing we only had three days to write the play, memorize, block it, and make it as good of a show as we can. I thought I was going to be stressed the entire time, but it was actually really fun and exciting,” Olzak said.

After performing their production, NV took home three of the five awards available. The team earned “Best Overall Use of Prop,” “Judge’s Choice,” and the “People’s Choice” award. The team will be performing an encore at the Northwest Area Thespian Conference at the University of Toledo in December.