Sleeping In vs. ACT Prep

Late starts are always a great way to begin the school day. Getting those extra two hours before school is very appreciated by students. However, not everyone gets to sleep during these extra two hours.   

There are so many different things you can do on two hour delays to start your day. The most common thing to do is obviously sleep in. While this is always a great way to start your morning it is not the most productive.

Many people go and get breakfast or coffee with their friends for a fun start to their day. Popular places for this are Mayberry Diner and Starbucks.

The last thing students want to do is wake up and do homework. However, some students do this to get all caught up in their classes which is a great idea.

Juniors have a different take on two hour delays. The last two late starts many juniors were taking the ACT classes at SV. The classes started bright and early at 7:30 AM so sleeping in was really not an option for them.

These juniors do not have to attend the ACT classes, but it could be very beneficial for them in the future when they have to take the ACT test. The class ends at about 9 AM which does give students a good amount of time before they have to go to school.

Some teachers are not a huge fan of late starts.

“They mess up my whole day with the shorter classes,” math teacher Deanna Mcalees said.

With classes being about 30 minutes long, this gives teachers less time to get anything accomplished in class. Teachers usually have meetings during this late start which means they don’t get to come in any later than they would on a regular school day.

Many students really like late starts and wishes their everyday school schedule was like this.

Written by Jenna Storey