The MaX-Files Online Edition

Maxwell Kelso

Many associate trees as a sign of life and prosperity. Nature is where we seek as humans to become refreshed and fulfilled. But trees can also be markers. In memorial, we plant trees for relatives that have died. But sometimes, a tree might also mark a final resting place.


In 2015, a massive storm blew across Collooney, Ireland. It uprooted trees and tore apart small buildings. One of the victims of the storm was a historic 215-year old beech tree. It was one of the many beech trees that flank a path known for being “TV-made”, mainly featured in “Game of Thrones” and other iconic films or shows.


During cleanup a local noticed something odd jutting out from the root system, a spine. After more excavation, a badly damaged upper half of a skeleton was discovered.


They later found the bottom half in the remnants of a shallow grave in the exposed area beneath the tree. Investigators later analyzed the remains and found that the person perished between A.D. 1030-1200, was between 17 and 20, and was a male.


Examining the ribs and other bones they found slash and stab marks, meaning he met a violent death. Historical records show that there used to be a church and graveyard in the area, though no other human remains have been recovered


This all stands as a reminder that we may find the hauntings of the past just beneath the surface.