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Peace Project

The PEACE Project is an organization that focuses on helping children going through rough times. Specifically instances with drugs and alcohol.
Recently, the PEACE project has been working on mentoring younger students, specifically in middle schools. They have been talking with students that have been selected by the guidance counselors and helping them work through their issues by providing a safe space to talk.
Aside from the mentoring the PEACE project has been working on many different video projects to raise awareness about different issues. The first video deals with making parents aware how children feel when they aren’t focused on them. Mainly the parents aren’t focused because of their drug and alcohol addictions.

The second video is about raising drug awareness. It focuses on sisters, and one of them is struggling with a drug addiction, while the other one is worried about the one with the drug addiction. It features senior Tori Diesing dancing to the song “Breathe” by Sia.

“This video and this dance are extremely special to me because it shows the audience just how real drugs are and how poorly they can affect you, but it’s shown through art. Art to me is the most powerful form of awareness,” Diesing said.

The final video is one that features different students who speak all different languages; from Vietnamese to Arabic to Italian to English. The premise of the video focuses on what America means to them and how no matter what your political affiliation, we all live in the same country and we are all working towards the same goal.

Needless to say, the PEACE project has a lot coming up lately, so be on the look out for more projects to come.

Riley Runnells, Co-Editor

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