Students start study groups

A meeting was held during SSR on February 4 in the PAC with the goal of launching a new Study Group program at Northview. The meeting was run by Principal Steven Swaggerty and sophomore Erika Chen.

Over 50 students from the sophomore and junior classes attended the meeting. The rationale for the Study Group is to continue to elevate student achievement in the classroom.

The idea for the group came from Chen, who talked to Mr. Swaggerty about making it a reality. Mr. Swaggerty then proposed the idea to several counselors and administrators and thus the Study Group was formed.

“I realized that a lot of students feel more comfortable with consulting with another student as opposed to their teachers. I have also noticed that students are sometimes able to explain the class material in a more relatable way for others to better understand,” Chen said. “The Study Groups program was created so students could seek help in specific classes and learn the material from the perspective of a fellow student. I’m glad that this program has been beneficial to many students and that so many students are so willing to help others.”

With the senior class already handling tutoring in the learning center, math lab, and writing lab, the new Study Group is using the sophomore and junior classes to assist students who need help in a particular subject.

As of March 9, there are currently 11 different study groups at NV, although there are more that will be formed.

Being taught by another student one-on-one is effective because it allows the students to create a relationship and become comfortable with each other, according to junior Jessup Pawelczyk, who helps younger students with mathematics.

“Students aren’t as scared when they are being helped by a student rather than a teacher,” Pawelczyk said. “They are a lot more comfortable, which helps them learn.”

Mr. Swaggerty hopes that the Study Group will be continued in the years to come by the underclassmen.

Sports Editor, Matt Bishop