Winter One Acts steal the show

The 10th annual Winter One Acts took place on January 29 and 30 in the Performing Arts Center at 7:30 p.m.  

This event was put on by the Drama Club and was a series of student written, directed, and produced short plays. For only five dollars, or two canned goods, people saw wide variety of performances put on by students of all grade levels, according to Matthew Nolan, President of the Drama Club.

“We had a really great selection that we presented this year,” senior Carly Radebaugh said. “The whole project is a really fun opportunity for students to work on a big project by themselves, with minimal adult help.”

Auditions took place in December and any student had the opportunity to do cold reads, reading the script without preparation, for the directors. Every One Act had their own director and set but some actors performed in multiple plays. There are seven One Acts that were scheduled to perform.  

Sophomore Elizabeth Atkins gave us a small summary of the One Act that she was a part of.

“I’m was in a One Act with four other people and I got to wear pajamas,” Atkins said. “What basically happened was a girl ends up sending text messages that she didn’t mean to send and that caused a bunch of problems for her.”

Jessie Li, Staff Writer